Andrew Vitalis

Andrew Vitalis


Andrew Vitalis is a learning and development professional with a dedication to delivering transformative learning experiences in early career and academic studies.

Thanks to Andrew’s friendly and approachable demeanour, he quickly builds strong relationships with students and colleagues. He genuinely cares about each learner and is often described as inspirational due to his dynamic and enthusiastic approach to focus on empowering and instilling confidence in students. Andrew is learner-focused and encourages collaboration, skills development and teamwork.

Andrew works with students to assist them to maximise their learning outcomes by adjusting to academic life through one-on-one discussions, group work, presentations and applying academic foundation skills. He employs a coaching and mentoring approach, enhancing students' skill sets and self-confidence. He promotes learner accountability and challenges participant’s thinking through highly effective questioning and reflection techniques. Andrew has extensive experience in interacting with people from many different cultures, which he enjoys and views as a two-way learning experience.

What our participants say about Andrew’s short courses...

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