Bob Callister


Professor Callister holds undergraduate degrees in Pharmacy and Science (Hons 1). After obtaining a PhD in Zoology and Biomedical Sciences (neurobiology) in the USA at Ohio University (1990), Callister completed two post-doctoral traineeships at The University of Arizona (1990-1992 with DG Stuart) and at the University of Newcastle (1993-1997 with BW Walmsley and P Sah). He then took an academic position at the University of Newcastle (1997-present). In 2007 he was promoted to Professor of Anatomy where he holds a traditional academic appointment, maintains a state of the art electrophysiology laboratory and teaches extensively into Medicine, Physiotherapy, Medical Radiation Science and Biomedical Sciences programs offered in the Faculty of Health. He also carries administrative responsibilities including, Head of Anatomy, Research Higher Degree coordinator. Professor Callister’s current research can be broadly classified as neurophysiology with emphasis on nerve cell excitability and synaptic mechanisms in spinal cord and brainstem neurons. Focus is on sensory systems, including those involved in processing information related to nociception, touch and balance. Techniques used include patch clamp recording, applied to both in vitro (spinal cord or brainstem slices) and in vivo (deeply anaesthetized) preparations, as well as immunohistochemical and cell-labelling techniques.