Ann Brewer

Ann Brewer


Professor Brewer is an organisational psychologist and has spanned psychology, education and business as a researcher, lecturer, and author, senior leaders including 12 years as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sydney, as well as working on boards and an accredited executive coach. She has published eight books, most recently on leadership, coaching and mentoring, and 70 publications in journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. Professor Brewer’s research expertise is people at work and has employed quasi-experiments, interview, survey, case and longitudinal studies and meta-analysis to investigate issues at work including conflict, change, leadership, commitment, stress as well as gender. Her work has been applied in diverse industry sectors such as business, education, industrial relations, human resource management, health administration, public policy, transport and logistics; banking and mining. She has taught in business schools, psychology and education at all levels. She has been instrumental in curriculum design and innovation particularly at the postgraduate coursework and pathway programs. Her contribution to lifelong learning has included both Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Professor Brewer has extensive experience as a university leader and led pan-university transformation including core services: HR, IT, Finance, Facilities, Student Services as well as quality assurance. She has been the lead negotiator for EBAs for the last four rounds. She has led commercial facing entities including a start-up to success. She is an Emeritus Professor, the University of Sydney, and held an Honorary Professorship in the Faculty of Education, the University of Sydney for a number of years.

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