Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program

Access up to $2,200 in funding for suitable education and training

At different stages of our careers we all experience the need to update our skill set. For older Australians, this can be a challenge in terms of finding the right skills and advice.

The Skills Checkpoint program is designed to help you find a new way forward. It is for eligible individuals, aged between 45 and 70 years, to access support and guidance in finding new employment opportunities. The program is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you can learn the skills to stay in the industry you’re in or find a new pathway, if required.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident in NSW or ACT aged 45 to 70 years old, who is either:

  • employed and at risk of entering the income support system (e.g. those in industries undergoing structural adjustment); or
  • unemployed for no more than three consecutive months and not registered for assistance through an employment services program, such as jobactive.
For Job Seekers

If you need new skills and help in finding the right direction, the Skills Checkpoint program could be the perfect option for you.

The program is individually tailored to your needs through an initial career planning session. If you are eligible, you can access up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to fund suitable education and training options, as outlined in your career plan, to reach your employment goals.

For Employers

Skills Checkpoint allows employers to access personalised support programs to help eligible workers between the ages of 45-70. Funding will be matched for every training dollar committed by your organisation.

Employers can access up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to fund suitable education and training for each eligible employee.

The program involves an initial career planning session to outline goals and specific needs and assist individuals to access suitable education and training options.

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