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Embrace the changing educational landscape with our Education courses in Sydney.

Like it or not, new drivers shaping learning are now in play. Digital fluency, alternative credentialing, diverse pathways, new teaching models and learning spaces, computational and design thinking, demand-driven personalised learning, networked learners and augmented reality are all forming part of the educational environment.

We’ve been meeting the learning and education needs of the community since 1965 and are backed by the expertise of the University of Newcastle and carefully selected educators who are industry experts in their field. They bring firsthand experiences and knowledge to your learning experience, incorporating cutting-edge practices from diverse industries, sectors, and organisations. Our courses help you to develop your skills and knowledge, whether it be for professional development or personal interest. Our learning experience is the opportunity to make powerful connections by networking with other participants and our courses are continually updated to remain current, relevant and of superior quality. With courses that cover such a diverse range and designed for all stages of life, you’re sure to learn new skills and discover new ideas – hundreds of short courses make it all possible with the University of Newcastle.

Education Courses in Sydney

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Education Courses

Research Methods CourseTue 21 May 2019
Research Methods CourseSat 20 Jul 2019
Research Methods CourseTue 10 Sep 2019
Research Methods CourseSat 30 Nov 2019