Business Courses in Sydney

Business short courses, open to everyone.

Business courses in Sydney, open to everyone.

Business learning helps you stay ahead or take the necessary steps for career advancement. Business know-how is a competitive advantage as it becomes increasingly harder to stay in front. All businesses have access to an extensive pool of knowledge – whether this is understanding customers' needs and the business context or the skills and experience of staff. The way you gather, share and exploit knowledge is central to your capability to develop successfully. Knowledge and skill management benefits everyone in every type of organisation.

We’ve been meeting the learning and education needs of the community since 1965 and are backed by the expertise of the University of Newcastle and carefully selected educators who are industry experts in their field. They bring firsthand experiences and knowledge to your learning experience, incorporating cutting-edge practices from diverse industries, sectors, and organisations. Our courses help you to develop your skills and knowledge, whether it be for professional development or personal interest. Our learning experience is the opportunity to make powerful connections by networking with other participants and our courses are continually updated to remain current, relevant and of superior quality. With courses that cover such a diverse range and designed for all stages of life, you’re sure to learn new skills and discover new ideas – hundreds of short courses make it all possible with the University of Newcastle.

Business Courses in Sydney

Available Business courses

Business Courses

CourseNext Available
New Managers CourseWed 1 May 2019
Time Management CourseWed 1 May 2019
Professional Storytelling CourseThu 2 May 2019
Assertive Communication Course: Getting What You WantFri 3 May 2019
Persuasive Writing CourseFri 3 May 2019
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) CourseFri 3 May 2019
Negotiation Skills CourseTue 7 May 2019
Forecasting and Budgeting CourseWed 8 May 2019
Design Thinking CourseThu 16 May 2019
Business Process Course: Lead Operational EfficiencyThu 16 May 2019
Strategic Management CourseSat 18 May 2019
Finance Course for ManagersSat 18 May 2019
Presentation Skills CourseTue 28 May 2019
Agile Course and Scrum Project ManagementSat 1 Jun 2019
Mentoring Skills CourseMon 3 Jun 2019
Statistics Course: Level 1Tue 4 Jun 2019
Change Management Course: Lead InnovationWed 5 Jun 2019
Business Writing CourseFri 7 Jun 2019
Editing and Proofreading CourseFri 14 Jun 2019
Small Business CourseMon 17 Jun 2019
Coaching Skills CourseWed 19 Jun 2019
Risk Management CourseWed 19 Jun 2019
Grammar and Punctuation CourseMon 24 Jun 2019
Customer Service CourseFri 28 Jun 2019
Entrepreneurship and Business Development CourseTue 2 Jul 2019
Team Management CourseWed 3 Jul 2019
Technical Report Writing CourseMon 8 Jul 2019
Leadership Course for WomenTue 9 Jul 2019
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution CourseThu 11 Jul 2019
Sales Techniques CourseTue 16 Jul 2019
Leadership Course: Developing Your IdentitySat 20 Jul 2019
Lean Course: Green Belt PreparationWed 31 Jul 2019
Managing Teams Course for Innovation and CreativityWed 25 Sep 2019
Entrepreneurship Course
Entrepreneurship Course Entrepreneurship short courses Online, open to everyone. Launch your your great idea with our Entrepreneurship courses in Sydney. Learn Entrepreneurship with our Entrepreneurship courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone. The entrepreneurial spirit enables innovation, growth, and prosperity around the world and helps transform the economic and social landscape. Technology-based entrepreneurship can encourage innovative solutions and business...
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Online self paced Approximately 15 hours, 90 maximum days to complete
Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco Networking Academy
University of Newcastle
$50 inc GST
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Leadership Development Course
Leadership Development Course Leadership short courses Online, open to everyone. Learn to lead individuals, teams and organisations with our Leadership courses in Sydney. Learn Leadership with our Leadership courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone. Related courses Employability Course This leadership development course is aimed at enhancing your approach to leadership by strengthening your skills and capabilities. The evidence of leadership is everywhere including each...
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Online self paced Approximately 12 hours, 365 maximum days to complete
University of Newcastle
$75 GST free
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New Managers Course
New Managers Course Management short courses in Sydney, open to everyone. Learn essential skills and advance your career with our Management courses in Sydney. Learn Management with our Management courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone. Related courses Time Management Course This fast-paced, practical new managers course is intended for aspiring or new managers across each sector – commercial, government, not-for-profit and institutional sectors. This new managers...
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Persuasive Writing Course
Persuasive Writing Course Communication short courses in Sydney, open to everyone. Improve your communication skills with our Communication courses in Sydney. Learn Communication with our Communication courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone. Related courses Business Writing Course To be successful in a business environment, people need to know how to write persuasively and engage their readers, whether they write marketing or promotional copy, reports or blogs and...
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Negotiation Skills Course
Negotiation Skills Course Negotiation short courses in Sydney, open to everyone. Negotiation courses in Sydney, open to the general public. Learn Negotiation with our Negotiation courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone. This negotiation skills course is essential for anyone who is wanting to achieve positive outcomes in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to negotiate effectively, you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation. In this...
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The University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus is a leading provider of short courses in Australia, with industry qualified and experienced educators that bring up-to-date real-world skills directly to the classroom.