Creative Writing Course (Intermediate)

Creative Writing Course (Intermediate)

Short courses in Sydney or Online, open to everyone.

Creative Writing courses in Sydney or Online, open to the general public.

Learn Creative Writing with our Creative Writing courses in Sydney or Online – short courses open to everyone.

Professional writers make writing look easy, but for most, it is not an easy journey. The aim of this creative writing course is to both explore writing techniques and discuss critically a selection of writing texts. In doing so, you will deepen your understanding of the narrative form, drawing from stories written over the years through to the present day. If you have a passion for writing, join other like-minded writers and learn more about the creative writing process.

During this creative writing course, you will learn about the twists and unexpected turns of writing. You will engage in lively discussions and learn about how much of one’s self is developed through writing. A further issue to address is where to draw the line between fiction and factual writing? How fluid is this in the current context of writing news vs writing opinion? You will also have the opportunity to delve deeper into characterisation, dialogue, internal and external as well as developing the story vs plotline. You will be able to choose and follow your writing preferences, and also consider other modes to test. Reading, analysing and writing texts will be part of the process and you will be asked to present work to the group for peer review and feedback. Through facilitation, discussion and practice you will gain an understanding of how to create a complete piece of work.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this creative writing course you will know how to:

  1. Analyse critically carefully chosen writing practices.
  2. Develop a creative work using a range of writing techniques.
  3. Critique your work objectively as possible.
  4. Understand your creative writing strengths and how to improve areas that need further developing.
  5. Edit your work to maximise impact.

Course Content

In each meeting of this creative writing course you will:

  1. Practise creative writing using tools and techniques to realise your aims.
  2. Read and analyse narrative changes, diverse genres and modes of writing of published authors by examining a variety of texts, past and contemporary.
  3. Discover your own voice and/or those of your characters.
  4. Develop confidence in your writing.
  5. Explore the cultural and psychological contexts of writing.

This creative writing course will cover the following content:

Creative writing essentials – stretch goals

  • Genres, philosophy and psychology.
  • Suspense and conflict, sadness, nostalgia and other sentiments.
  • Cultures, contexts, settings and scene.
  • Forms and structures.
  • Diction and dialogues.
  • Ratio of dialogue to narrative.
  • Exposition and composition.
  • Plots and themes.
  • Research: induction and deduction.

Writing sensibility; imagination and experience

  • Conscious vs subconscious.
  • First hand witnessing vs 3rd party reporting.

Writing detail to maximise impact

  • Sensory specifics.
  • Characters' personalities.
  • Too much, too little or just right?

Writing characters

  • Opposition, apposition and complementary.
  • Avoiding stereotypes.
  • Ensuring plausible intentions.
  • Change and development of characters.

Writing style: good vs poor

  • Parts of speech.
  • Rhythm.
  • Rhetoric.
  • Grammatical construction.

Writing when time deprived

Intended Audience

This creative writing course is aimed at those with an interest and some experience in creative writing, from those who have published their first stories to those who have only written for themselves. This creative writing course is ideal for those who have attended Creative Writing Course (Beginners) or those who have equivalent writing experience.

Delivery Style

This creative writing course will be delivered as an interactive workshop where the instructor will provide principles to drive workshop activities. This skills approach adopted in this creative writing course allows participants to work through concepts introduced by the instructor for engaged learning.

Course Prerequisites

This creative writing course has no prerequisites however it is expected that you have previously completed our Creative Writing Course (Beginners) or have equivalent writing experience.

Professor Ann Brewer is the Dean, University of Newcastle, Sydney. Her career has spanned organisational behaviour, psychology, education and business as a researcher, lecturer, and author. Her research expertise is people at work including conflict, change, leadership, commitment, stress as well as gender.

Ann is an accredited executive coach with more than 20 years of experience enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. In that capacity she designs and develops coaching programs for whole-of-organisations as well as 1:1 coaching consultations. She begins with establishing a foundation for each client to clarify their professional aims and values for developing and sustaining leadership resilience. Her coaching strategy is focused on leadership, relationship and culture building as well as dealing with thorny issues and conducting difficult conversations.

Ann’s professional background incorporates diverse programs and initiatives for individual development, team building, organisation design, and facilitation. Her practical approach to leadership and organisation development is derived from her own senior leadership positions.

Her work has been applied in diverse industry sectors such as business, education, industrial relations, human resource management, health administration, public policy, transport and logistics; banking and mining. She has led commercial facing entities including a start-up to success.

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