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Writing Stories Course

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Creative Writing courses in Sydney. Open to the general public.

Learn Creative Writing with Creative Writing courses in Sydney at NEWCourse – created for you by the University of Newcastle.

Composing and writing down a story is like painting a picture – it depends on your observational skills, your five senses for communicating to others and in so doing transforming what you see, feel, hear, touch and smell into great writing. Through three linked workshops participants will focus on what makes (and defines) notable characters, appealing settings and felt stories. Writers will learn to take risks in forming an individual voice.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will exit with a piece of written text to develop further focusing on:

  1. Plot, myth, fairy tale and the building blocks of story telling.
  2. Conflicts: unseen and noticeable, buried and discovered.
  3. Characterisation.
  4. Capturing place.
  5. Capturing dialogue.
  6. Identifying the narrator and finding their voice (even when you don’t think you have one).
  7. Beyond description: Slashing your adjectives and adverbs.
  8. Other people’s voices: Writing the unfamiliar.
  9. Taking risks: Experimental voices.

Intended Audience

  • Writers or would-be writers.
  • Interested bystanders in writing.
  • Avid readers of novels.

Delivery Style

A combined seminar and interactive workshop, helping participants use tools and plan their approach.

Course Prerequisites


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