Innovative Design Course: City's Face of Climate Change

Innovative Design Course: City’s Face of Climate Change

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More than two thirds of Australia’s population are now living in a capital city. And over two thirds of Australia’s economic activity are generated in the capital cities. Climate change and natural disasters impact the location and design of our cities and the built environment, and the way we manage the natural resources that support human settlements. Climate change poses challenges to a range of publicly and privately-owned and managed assets.

Key climate risks to Australian cities include:

  1. Gradual impacts (sea-level and temperature rise) and extreme events (floods, heatwaves and bushfires) may pose challenges to assets and infrastructure, including commercial and residential buildings, energy, water and communications utilities, and transport systems.
  2. Hotter, drier conditions, and increased bushfire risk and the incidence of heatwaves, means greater risk of human injury and interrupted labour force productivity.
  3. In the coastal zone, more intense storms and cyclones and rising sea levels could worsen storm surge, coastal inundation and erosion with impacts on the built environment.
  4. Damage to biodiversity and ecosystems that support social wellbeing, provide services such as clean air and fresh water, and offer protection from natural disasters.
  5. Failure in one part of a city’s social, economic or infrastructure networks may have cascading or unanticipated effects elsewhere.
  6. The extent that population growth and urbanisation shift to areas at higher risk of adverse climate change impacts could increase Australia’s exposure to natural hazards Australian Department of Energy and Environment 2018

Climate change is real and we will draw on scientific evidence to support this claim. This innovative design course will outline recent insights on climate change variation and alleviation and its relevant for local authorities. This innovative design course will consider tools to identify susceptibilities and ways to address these. Best practices will be canvassed. Case examples will be analysed. This innovative design course is designed to deepen awareness and develop for the participants a set of urban action that can and must be taken.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this innovative design course participants will be able to:

  1. identify the results, impacts, and drivers of climate change in cities and communities.
  2. Understand how climate change gives rise to urban risk and liability.
  3. Differentiate the categories, methods, and pressures to adjust/ameliorate climate change.
  4. Clarify and detail climate change planning for cities and communities.
  5. Survey the decision support and assessment tools for climate change adjustment and planning.
  6. Co-design a climate change plan for urban contexts.

Intended Audience

This innovative design course is suitable for for planning, design and city professionals elected and administrative as well as engaged residents who wish to make input into city building no matter where they live.

Delivery Style

This innovative design course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture and group assessment.

Course Prerequisites

This innovative design course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.


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