Transformation Leadership Course: For Educational Leaders in Disruptive Times (Sydney)

Transformation Leadership Course: For Educational Leaders in Disruptive Times

Create a vision for the way forward with our Educational Leadership courses in Sydney.

Learn Educational Leadership with our Educational Leadership courses in Sydney.

This transformation leadership course is designed for educational leaders. Learning is undergoing disruption and this will only gather momentum. Leadership in disruptive times requires strategic thinking, a vision for the way forward and someone who inspires students, their team as well as peers.

For too long schools have been places young people go to watch their teachers work (Schlechty, 2000). Schlechty speaks to meaningful learning that resonates with and engages students. (see Schlechty, P. C. (2001). Shaking up the schoolhouse. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; Schlechty, P. C. (2002). Working on the work: An action plan for teachers, principals, and superintendents. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Soft skills of the past are now the hard skills of the future. The skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, cultural competence and open-mindedness are taking hold as prerequisites for developing the innovation mindset that is needed to thrive in today’s global economy and to help reinvent communities and for a tiny planet to survive. A new kind of leadership is the key to this transformation.

This transformation leadership course is about how to design thinking for learning in diverse educational settings.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this transformation leadership course will learn practical skills and knowledge to apply within their own organisation to progress the change process. Specifically participants will workshop a process for meeting people’s needs and desires that suits their professional context. How to collaborate with frontline teaching staff to bring about change. How to prototype the change and invite staff and students to encourage information exchange. The result may lead to meaningful learning, better-informed students and staff, and increased satisfaction. In addition, they will gain:

  1. New approaches to leadership to suit their context.
  2. New scaffolds for the innovation age mindset.
  3. Intriguing examples and case studies of how to launch leadership.
  4. Transform your leadership approach via a step by step design thinking process.

A reading list will be provided for all participants.

Course Content

This transformation leadership course will engage you in thinking about how to:

  1. engage and energise others.
  2. tap into your creativity and to release the creativity of learners.
  3. articulate and communicate your vision and creating a transformative culture through sharing values.
  4. define your purpose working with others.
  5. realise and live values for innovative and creative learning.
  6. innovate for impact and meaning.

The urgency of the transformation process is upon us. We need to take hold of it a to improve education for all our young people.

Delivery Style

This transformation leadership course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to challenge your understanding of the concepts introduced by the instructor and consider their application once back in your workplace.

Intended Audience

This transformation leadership course is suitable for:

  • Current and future school (and other organisational) leaders, heads of school departments, lead teachers, leader aspirants; teachers.
  • Policy makers.
  • Interested community members.

Course Prerequisites

This transformation leadership course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.

Teaching and leading in the innovation age. Professor John Fischetti promotes learning equity to enable educational success of all children.

Over the past 30 years John had led innovation in classroom practices, school structures and board policies around the new era of the collaborative, global innovation age. Formerly a Dean in the United States as well as deep teaching experience, John is now the Head of School of Education at the University of Newcastle’s School, recognised as one of the best in Australia and among the top 1.5% in the world. We are committed to producing great educators who can inspire and impact every child to discover and develop their full potential. Our purpose is to “better prepare teachers so that kids actually master content and skills rather than just filling in the time at school and taking tests,” Professor Fischetti says.

The University of Newcastle is committed to impacting our region, Australia and the world by preparing new teachers, leaders and scholars who are drivers of educational change and equity for all learners. As a post-industrial community with a vibrant and diverse heritage dating back 60,000 years, Newcastle is the perfect location to study education and to be part of the transformation of teaching and learning for the innovation age.

The challenges confronting educators in Australia are echoed in school systems and teacher education programs around the world, and Professor Fischetti has outlined the 5 Key Global Trends (and Opportunities) in education that we need to be cogniscent of.

As a strong advocate for educational equity, Professor Fischetti believes that we must prepare young people to work together to create knowledge or solve problems to improve the human condition. A reframed curriculum with an equity agenda can enable human capacity for the collaborative, global innovation age that demands not only advanced literacy, numeracy and technology skills but care, compassion, love, and inspiration.

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