Shaping the NextGen Through Your Leadership

Shaping the NextGen Through Your Leadership

Educational Leadership courses in Sydney. A vision for the way forward.

Learn Educational Leadership with Educational Leadership courses in Sydney – short courses created for you by the University of Newcastle.

The dynamic nature of educational leadership today makes it one of the most challenging yet rewarding social change professions. Educational institutions require inspired and skilled leaders to navigate what will be continuous innovation and digital disruption. The panel discussion will focus on the key issues facing educational leaders in 2017 and beyond. Panel members will explore issues such as:

  • Increased diversity
  • Reconceptualising learning
  • School performance
  • How can teachers and schools be better supported
  • Quality of education
  • 21st century pedagogy, curricula and technologies
  • Teachers, mentors and change
  • Regional education

Prominent panellists will engage with the audience to discuss these and other issues raised.

Join this important conversation – you will learn from the speakers' experience, their suggestions to handle issues, network with professional educators and participate in the discussion as well as tweet your views on #leadership and posts to Instagram @uonsydney.

Come and join with leading educators who are committed to giving a fair go for all our Australians, from early childhood through to adult education. We look forward to seeing you there.


Professor John Fischetti, Head of School/Dean School of Education/Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle

Teaching and leading in the innovation age. Professor John Fischetti promotes learning equity to enable educational success of all children.

Over the past 30 years John had led innovation in classroom practices, school structures and board policies around the new era of the collaborative, global innovation age. Formerly a Dean in the United States as well as deep teaching experience, John is now the Head of School of Education at the University of Newcastle’s School, recognised as one of the best in Australia and among the top 1.5% in the world. We are committed to producing great educators who can inspire and impact every child to discover and develop their full potential. Our purpose is to “better prepare teachers so that kids actually master content and skills rather than just filling in the time at school and taking tests,” Professor Fischetti says.

The University of Newcastle is committed to impacting our region, Australia and the world by preparing new teachers, leaders and scholars who are drivers of educational change and equity for all learners. As a post-industrial community with a vibrant and diverse heritage dating back 60,000 years, Newcastle is the perfect location to study education and to be part of the transformation of teaching and learning for the innovation age.

The challenges confronting educators in Australia are echoed in school systems and teacher education programs around the world, and Professor Fischetti has outlined the 5 Key Global Trends (and Opportunities) in education that we need to be cognisant of.

As a strong advocate for educational equity, Professor Fischetti believes that we must prepare young people to work together to create knowledge or solve problems to improve the human condition. A reframed curriculum with an equity agenda can enable human capacity for the collaborative, global innovation age that demands not only advanced literacy, numeracy and technology skills but care, compassion, love, and inspiration.

  • Panel discussion

    Central Sydney CBD location

    Expert panellists

    Audience discussion

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