Sales Techniques Course

Sales Techniques Course

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This sales techniques course will focus on the new sales approaches that are essential for any sized business operating in the global market place. For many businesses the opportunities for securing sales are now global. Sales research suggests that traditional sales techniques are becoming less effective. Individuals and businesses need to adapt and develop robust approaches to their sales process. This will present their customers with a unique selling proposition and ensure sales success.

In this sales techniques course you will learn how to prospect for sales leads, identify your customers, build customer rapport and highlighting your unique selling points as you work towards closing the sale. This sales techniques course will focus on the needs of your customers as you manage your after sales service and sales pipelines while also teach you the fundamentals of being a resilient sales person in a competitive marketplace.

As global opportunities for sales are presented, the risks associated with competition stretch further than our local competitors. Simply keeping up with your local competitors may no longer be enough. This sales techniques course will allow you to strengthen your sales strategy to respond to the changing environment and maintain your competitive sales advantage. You will explore the principles of selling, develop your understanding of current consumer behaviour and focus your efforts on improving your sale performance.

Learning Aims

This sales techniques course aims to:

  • Introduce you to current sales analysis and trends.
  • Highlight characteristics and skills required to sell effectively.
  • Outline techniques from various contexts, such as face-to-face and inbound and outbound telephone contexts.
  • Highlight behaviour to support the continuation of your pipeline.
  • Integrate customer service principles to maximise results.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this sales techniques course you will be able to:

  1. Identify current sales processes that will improve your sales targets.
  2. Recognise and develop personal characteristics such as networking, which will contribute to influencing prospective clients.
  3. Adapt between communication techniques used in a variety of selling contexts.
  4. Analyse a sales presentation.
  5. Use strategies to decide if a lead is worth the investment.
  6. Identify appropriate after sales service skills.
  7. Brainstorm different techniques to improve your resilience.

Course Content

This sales techniques course will cover the following content:

Introduction to Sales

  • Selling in the current competitive environment.

Prospecting for Sales Leads

  • Identifying your customer.
  • Understand what your competition is doing and your unique selling points.
  • Know your product – be an expert in what you’re selling.

Make Contact with the Prospective

  • Why build rapport?
  • Creating an effective Elevator Pitch.
  • Discuss different networking skills including building relationships, staying in touch, use social media and listen more.
  • Don’t just sell a product; solve a problem.

Assessing Sales Lead Viability

  • Introduce and analyse the Lead Qualification process.
  • Strategies to assess whether to pursue sales leads.

Effective Sales Presentations

  • Identify skills and characteristics of excellent sales presentations such as the use of storytelling, contrasting and making the presentation customer-centric.
  • Introduction to effective communication skills.
  • Actively listening to ask the right questions.
  • Objection handling.
  • Closing the sale.

After Sales Service

  • Making the sale and retaining your customer.
  • How do you support your customer after the sale?
  • Customer profiling, data recording and seeking feedback.
  • Customer service from a sales perspective.
  • Complaint handling.

Managing your Sales Pipeline

  • Why is your pipeline important?
  • Strategies and techniques to extend your pipeline:
    • regular client contact
    • internal team communication and collaboration
    • using data to identify and promote further opportunities.

Sales Techniques

  • Analysis of various selling techniques for different situations.
    • Baselining – identifying discussion points and helping the prospective customer to relax.
    • Reading and analysing their body and para-language.
    • Building client trust.
    • Keeping organised – creating customer profiles.
    • Return on Investment selling.

Being Resilient

  • What is resilience and how does it help sales people?
  • Develop strategies to remain resilient in a competitive marketplace.
    • Control and Influence.
    • Self-reflection.
    • Perfectionism.

Intended Audience

This sales techniques course is designed for anyone in a role where the effective management of the sales process is required, including sales representatives and new sales managers. This sales course is also suitable for those new to a leadership role, where sales is a key focus or the role involves managing a sales team.

Delivery Style

This sales techniques course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to work through concepts introduced by the instructor in an application-focused teaching environment. You will challenge your understanding of the concepts and consider their application once back in your individual workplace.

Course Prerequisites

This sales techniques course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.

About your instructor

Andrew Vitalis

Andrew Vitalis

Andrew Vitalis is a learning and development professional with a dedication to delivering transformative learning experiences in early career and academic studies.

Thanks to Andrew’s friendly and approachable demeanour, he quickly builds strong relationships with students and colleagues. He genuinely cares about each learner and is often described as inspirational due to his dynamic and enthusiastic approach to focus on empowering and instilling confidence in students. Andrew is learner-focused and encourages collaboration, skills development and teamwork.

Andrew works with students to assist them to maximise their learning outcomes by adjusting to academic life through one-on-one discussions, group work, presentations and applying academic foundation skills. He employs a coaching and mentoring approach, enhancing students' skill sets and self-confidence. He promotes learner accountability and challenges participant’s thinking through highly effective questioning and reflection techniques. Andrew has extensive experience in interacting with people from many different cultures, which he enjoys and views as a two-way learning experience.

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