ReThink Course: Ideate Innovate Impact (Sydney)

ReThink Course: Ideate Innovate Impact

Develop creative ways to solve specific issues with our Design Thinking courses in Sydney.

Learn Design Thinking with our Design Thinking courses in Sydney.

This design thinking course will provide an environment for you to reflect, question, step out, develop confidence, collaborate and network. This design thinking course will instil you with the courage and confidence required to take that extraordinary leap off the ledge into opportunity.

If you wish to be an entrepreneur or take up an entrepreneurial role within an organisation, this design thinking course will lead you into discovery, disruption, connection and collaboration. These qualities are essential for businesses and organisations to innovate sustainably and productively. In reality, they are constants in an ever-changing business, industry and organisational landscape.

The impact of change has remained constant for centuries. The difference in the 21st century lies in the resources, the tools we use, connectivity, and collaboration.

This design thinking course will accelerate the development of innovative and progressive ideation, products and /or services.

Learning Aims

This design thinking course aims to:

  • Instill an entrepreneurial mindset in participants.
  • Realise the importance and relevance of personal development, organisational culture, creativity and innovation to 21st Century business practices.
  • Develop and use tools and systems to embed sustainability through to disruptive practices into businesses and organisations.
  • Increase knowledge, understanding and practice of ideation, innovation, collaboration, leadership and project management.
  • Develop understanding and practice of Design Thinking.
  • Develop agility in business and projects.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this design thinking course participants will:

  1. Have the resources to charge up your business or organisation.
  2. Be inspired to disrupt industries.
  3. Understand and apply the principles of Design Thinking.
  4. Understand Minimal Viable Product and Mass Transformative Purpose.
  5. Be aware of leading global trends and methods and how to adapt them into businesses and organisations.
  6. Understand and collaborate in Mastermind sessions to ensure creative problem techniques through diversity and exploration.
  7. Develop and action a project to progress, benefit or shift a business idea, product or service.
  8. Understand and apply the Lean Model Canvas to business and long and short-term projects.
  9. Embed methodologies for innovative practise into businesses and organisations.
  10. Understand IP, Trademarks, Copyright, Funding Opportunities.

Course Content

As the concepts outlined below are introduced throughout this design thinking course, you will be provided with the opportunity to develop a project, idea or concept and pitch it to the group in the final session. Your presentation will provide you with the opportunity to celebrate with your collaborates. You will present your project/concept, pitch it to the audience and receive feedback on your pitch from the instructor, entrepreneurs and business specialists.

This design thinking course will cover the following content:


  • Define your entrepreneurial brand.
  • Shared practises of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Experiential learning opportunities.
  • Concept and practise of Failing Fast.
  • Resilience and Persistence – 100 hours of Mastery.
  • Write the Narrative.
  • Guest speakers.


  • Factors contributing to successful global collaborations.
  • Case studies of collaborations across large and small organisations.
  • Identification of opportunities for collaboration.
  • Masterminding – and the benefits of the divergent thinking.


  • Case studies of effective leadership in progressive organisations.
  • Identification of leadership styles.
  • What is holacracy and how what effect will it have on leadership.
  • Micro management versus empowerment.

Embedding an Innovation Culture

  • Identified practices of innovative organisations.
  • Development of innovative practices specific to individual organisations.
  • Case studies of innovative organisations.

Resources for Innovation

  • Agile boards.
  • Finding the Gap.
  • Design Thinking Principles.
  • The value and practice of the Mastermind.

Legal and Funding

  • National and International IP, Copyright, Trademarks.
  • Grants, Crowdfunding, Venture Capitalism.

Intended Audience

This design thinking course is suitable for entrepreneurs, managers of small to large businesses, leaders or department heads at the middle stage of their careers who are looking to unravel the complexities behind design thinking and innovation. The course has been designed for professionals from diverse sectors, including public and private enterprise. Post-graduate students seeking a more practical understanding of how to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, question the way decisions are made, change mindset and response, and redesign how things are done will also benefit from this design thinking course.

Delivery Style

This design thinking course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to work through concepts introduced by the instructor in an application-focused teaching environment. You will challenge your understanding of the concepts and consider their application once back in your individual workplace. You will have the opportunity to pitch your project or concept to the audience in the final session receiving feedback from the instructor, entrepreneurs and business specialists and your peers.

Course Prerequisites

This design thinking course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.


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