Making Sense of Music Course

Making Sense of Music Course

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This is a course of appreciation for anyone who enjoys music physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and wishes to derive more pleasure by understanding how composers used devices to maximise the listener’s sensory engagement. Music samples from diverse genres will be explored in a non-technical way from the point of view of the listener, aiming to give the listener a deeper sense of engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will appreciate:

  1. Why music is important in most people’s lives.
  2. Listening and musical ‘understanding’.
  3. Musical ideas, actions, and emotions, how composers translate an idea into a musical composition.
  4. Melody, tempo, metre and rhythm, harmony, texture.

Intended Audience

Anyone who enjoys music and wishes to learn more about it. No technical knowledge of music is required for participation in the course.

Delivery Style

A combined seminar and interactive workshop.

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