Magnetic Resonance Course

Magnetic Resonance Course

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Understand the latest advanced techniques in the magnetic resonance field from an magnetic resonance industry perspective. This magnetic resonance course is a high-level introduction to important diagnostic magnetic resonance techniques, as well as new advances in the MRI field in the modern health care system.

This magnetic resonance course will start with basics of magnetic resonance, and then delve into magnetic resonance in radiation therapy, prostate, pelvis and abdomen, top clinical neuro imaging indication, advances in magnetic resonance, MSK and rectal MRI, in addition to advanced applications. Additionally, the role of magnetic resonance in radiation therapy and innovative advances in magnetic resonance will be covered. Participants attending this magnetic resonance course will be equipped with a general understanding of the latest advanced techniques that can ensure the delivery of improved and quality patient care and more thoughtful scientific methodologies.

Learning Outcomes

This course will:

  1. Present the latest applications in the magnetic resonance field.
  2. Provide participants with a deeper understanding of advanced techniques.
  3. Contain a special focus on prostate, pelvis and abdomen, MSK, and rectal magnetic resonance fields.

Speaker Overview

  • Dr Peter Greer, Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital; School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Virgil Chan, Director of Training and Senior Staff Specialist, Hunter New England Imaging
  • Dr Peter Lau, Senior Interventional Radiologist, John Hunter Hospital
  • Dr Bryan Paton Associate Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Sabbir Siddique Senior Staff Specialist Radiologist, Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital
  • Dr Grant Bateman, Director of MRI, John Hunter Hospital
  • Dr Benjamin Schmitt, Collaboration Manager & Scientific Team Leader MR, Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd
  • Dr M Fiorentino, Staff Specialist Radiologist, Hunter New England Imaging
  • Dr Scott Quadrelli, Clinical Research Manager, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr Saad Ramadan, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle; Imaging Facility Manager, Hunter Medical Research Institute

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Event Program

Introduction: Theory of Magnetic Resonance

Dr Saad Ramadan
  • Magnetic Resonance phenomenon.
  • Spin interaction.
  • Relaxation.
  • Magnetic Resonance Image Formation.

Magnetic Resonance in Radiation Therapy

Dr Peter Greer
  • Emerging role of Magnetic Resonance in Radiation Therapy planning.

Clinical applications of fMRI

Dr Bryan Paton

Prostate advances in Magnetic Resonance

Dr Peter Lau
  • PIRADSII: Role and future.
  • Active surveillance.
  • PSA.
  • MRI in prostate imaging.
  • DCE.

Pelvis and Abdomen

Dr M Fiorentino
  • Pelvis and Abdomen Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Anatomy, sequences, pathology.

Neuro Imaging

Dr Grant Bateman
  • Top 10 clinical indications for Neuro Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Advances in Magnetic Resonance

Dr Benjamin Schmitt
  • New pulse sequences, developments, applications and advances in Magnetic Resonance.


Dr Virgil Chan
  • MSK MRI Shoulder and Knee: Anatomy, sequences and pathology.

Rectal MRI

Dr Sabbir Siddique
  • Rectal MRI: Anatomy, sequences, pathology.

Advanced Applications I

Dr Scott Quadrelli
  • Clinical applications of DWI.
  • Dynamic contrast enhancement.
  • Susceptibility weighted imaging.

Advanced Applications II

Dr Saad Ramadan
  • Perfusion.
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Please note: Agenda may be subject to change

Continuing Professional Development Points

CPD Points Available
Completion of this magnetic resonance course is equivalent to up to 15 CPD points. Recognising institutions and CPD points are listed below. A personalised Certificate of Completion will be issued to all attendees on the day.

Recognised by

CPD Points
AIR (Code UNINWC-001200-2018)15

Intended Audience

  • Undergraduate radiography University students.
  • Radiographers.
  • Health sciences higher degree students (Masters and PHD).
  • Biomedical science/engineering students.
  • Medical fellows.
  • Radiologists.
  • Scientists (image processing, magnetic resonance, physics, biology, engineering, medicine).

Course Prerequisites

Sound knowledge of Magnetic Resonance and previous experience.


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