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This mentoring skills course explores the principles and processes of mentoring, either as a mentor or a mentee, and demonstrates how to apply mentoring skills in various workplace situations whether it’s 1:1 sessions, group mentoring, peer mentoring or reverse mentoring. It provides a multidisciplinary framework that assists mentors and mentees to take a deeper and thoughtful approach to mentoring.

New, creative approaches with some conventional wisdom will be outlined in this skills based mentoring skills course. You will be encouraged to “look inside” the mentoring relationship itself and understand how the conversation evolves from there. Themes such as diversity, blame, loyalty and silence will be explored. Mentees as well as mentors will find value in this approach and will learn how mentoring benefits them as well as how to engage effectively to achieve the desired outcomes. For those already experienced in mentoring, this mentoring skills course provides an opportunity to gain new insights about how to enhance your current approach and employ it for various purposes: career or leadership development, succession planning and change management. For those new to mentoring, this mentoring skills course will guide you on how to be an effective mentor in a range of situations.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this mentoring skills course you will develop your understanding of:

  1. What mentoring is and its intended purposes and outcomes.
  2. How mentoring will allow you to shape and nurture talent.
  3. The foundations and skills of workplace mentoring.
  4. How to develop a mentoring relationship with others.
  5. The mentoring conversation and how it works.
  6. How to manage disclosure in mentoring.
  7. Building trust in mentoring relationships with individuals and groups.
  8. Developing an ethical mentoring program for the workplace.

Course Content

This mentoring skills course will cover the following topics:


  • Steps to becoming a mentor.
  • Benefits of mentoring.
  • Mentoring approaches.
  • Mentoring conversations.

Mentoring others

  • How to ensure positive mentoring.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee.
  • Expectations of mentors and mentees.
  • Setting goals and criteria for successful mentoring outcomes.
  • The mentor-mentee agreement.

Developing a Mentoring Program for the Workplace

  • Mentoring for succession planning.
  • Mentoring for developing leadership.
  • Mentoring managers and staff for organisational change.
  • Mentoring for career development and planning.

How does it work?

This mentoring skills course will allow you to shape your mentoring objectives. This mentoring skills course will include the use of exercises and activities from a range of business, professional and corporate sectors that will enable you to address your individual learning goals.

Intended Audience

This mentoring skills course is suitable for experienced or aspiring leaders, managers of teams as well as team members, who are interesting in mentoring enabling them to recognise the benefits of effective mentoring.

Delivery Style

This mentoring skills course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to challenge your understanding of the concepts introduced by the instructor and consider their application once back in your workplace.

Course Prerequisites

This mentoring skills course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.

Recommended Reading

Brewer, Ann M. 2016 Mentoring from a Positive Psychology Perspective, Switzerland: Springer ISBN 978-3-319-40983-2

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