Musical Analysis Course: Early to Classical Music

Musical Analysis Course: Early to Classical Music

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Musical analysis assists in the appreciation of early to classical music, a significant legacy of this historical time period. This course will focus on sub-genres within these periods with a major focus on the Baroque and Classical periods. The differences and commonalities will be explored. The anatomy of selected works will be outlined. A guided analysis will occur aligned to the interests of course participants. The composers' intentions will also be discussed. The instructor will initiate the course with a selection from their personal collection and will be open to suggestions from participants.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identifying major historical periods and relating them to parallel developments in history art, and literature.
  2. Recognising and identifying style, characteristics, genres, and representative works from the selected periods.
  3. Recognising and discussing its sentiment (patriotic, religious, or other).
  4. Recognising how the music was perceived by its original audiences – was it radical, conservative, avant-garde, or even scandalous?
  5. Relating it to other types of music.

Intended Audience

Anyone who delights in music and wants to improve their appreciation. A knowledge of basic musical notation and some theory will be helpful to participants taking this course.

Delivery Style

A combined seminar and interactive workshop, helping participants use tools and plan their approach.

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