The Creative Business Game

Design Thinking courses in Sydney. Develop creative ways to solve specific issues.

Learn Design Thinking with Design Thinking courses in Sydney – short courses created for you by the University of Newcastle.

Games are the 21st century of brainstorming. No one person has all the ideas or all the answers to the many questions that arise. This collaborative design thinking workshop will take you through the key principles of design to give you an edge in a creative environment.

Learning Aims

The Creative Business Game introduces you to a range of design principles to engage both sides of your brain: the logical, rational and organised with the emotional, intuitive and artistic. At the close of the game, participants will appreciate the process involved in developing complex creative inventions for a range of purposes and industries.

The Creative Business Game

In teams, participants will be provided with a selection of assets (capital, skills etc.) and controls (social, ethical, or financial requirements). Each team will create a genuine proposal (an event, product, experience, an app) and then pitch of their idea to the rest of the group. The outcome will shed light on a range of perspectives on entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration, courage, values and assumptions.

Intended Audience

The Creative Business Game is suitable for all members of the public over the age of 18.

Delivery Style

The Creative Business Game will be delivered as a co-operative, enjoyable and collaborative workshop. After a short introduction and explanation of the guidelines of the game, participants will form teams to develop a creative business ‘project’ for a given set of resources and constraints.

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