Fundraising for Non-Profits Course: Principles and Psychology (Sydney)

Fundraising for Non-Profits Course: Principles and Psychology

Explore the psychology behind donor engagement with our Fundraising courses in Sydney.

Learn about raising funds for your organisation with our Fundraising courses in Sydney.

This fundraising course will provide you with a step-by-step process for planning your fundraising goals and implementing them. At a time when most Non-Profit Organisations (NFPs) are facing decline in funding, the task of fundraising is beset with goals that seem bigger than the prospective donor base, the tools and skills available. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in this field, the stakes and challenges are immense including donor engagement, dealing with advisory boards, volunteers, capturing the information needed as well as the expertise to run a campaign. This fundraising course will explore the principles, psychology and some key practices of fundraising for NFPs in diverse sectors. It will discuss key features for assisting you to deliver on a fundraising mission.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this fundraising course participants will learn about:

  1. Fundraising foundations and understanding who gives and why
  2. Legal and ethical responsibilities of fundraisers.
  3. Building your case for support.
  4. How to collect and tell engaging stories.
  5. Planning and launching a campaign.
  6. Leveraging key stakeholder relationships, including the Board.
  7. Planning the role of entry-level, mid-level and major giving in a campaign.
  8. Basic campaign timelines.
  9. What do you do after a campaign?
  10. How can effective donor relations benefit future campaigns?

Course Content

This fundraising course will cover the following content:

  • Why do people give?
  • Who gives? Facts and statistics on giving and investing (Australia).
  • Philanthropy Leadership: Relationship between the board and CEO.
  • Understanding Stewardship.
  • Major Gift process at a glance.
  • Developing the business case, goals & resources.
  • Tracking donors.
  • Managing volunteers.

Intended Audience

This fundraising course is suitable for anyone who is interesting in fundraising and understanding the principles and psychology behind donor engagement.

Delivery Style

This fundraising course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture and group discussions. This training course strives to encourage active and informed participation, group analysis and debate of the facts, issues and insights into our changing world.

Course Prerequisites

This fundraising course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.

Professor Brewer is the Dean, University of Newcastle, Sydney. Her career has spanned organisational behaviour, psychology, education and business as a researcher, lecturer, and author. Her research expertise is people at work including conflict, change, leadership, commitment, stress as well as gender. Her work has been applied in diverse industry sectors such as business, education, industrial relations, human resource management, health administration, public policy, transport and logistics; banking and mining. She has led commercial facing entities including a start-up to success.


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