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Financial Accounting Course: Understanding Accounting

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Finance courses in Sydney. Develop your understanding of the functions of finance.

Learn Finance with Finance courses in Sydney at NEWCourse – created for you by the University of Newcastle.

This financial accounting course will provide you with the skills required to confidently progress to a senior role which requires you to possess sound accounting and financial skills. Young and aspiring executives typically come through the professions of operations, sales & marketing, human resources or IT. These managers and executives now find themselves running a business unit, department or project. At this more senior level, financial accountability is expected. There is the need to read and interpret financial reports. Business cases with financial assessment are required. Decisions must be made about costs and resources and activities. This financial accounting course will develop your understanding of basic accounting principles and provides you will the knowledge required to progress to our Management Accounting Course: Managing a Business Unit or Department.

Learning Aims

This financial accounting course aims to:

  • Equip executives with the accounting knowledge and skills they need to manage their business unit, department or project.
  • Develop the ability to analyse and assess financial performance.
  • Provide you with a framework to make improvements in financial returns.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this financial accounting course you will be able to:

  1. Understand key accounting concepts such as: accrual accounting; depreciation and impairment; assets versus expenses; revenues versus liabilities.
  2. Understand and read the main financial statements of Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position), Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows.
  3. Conduct financial analysis (ratio analysis) and interpret the results).
  4. Assess the financial performance and status of a business unit or department.
  5. Be proficient at conducting Du Pont analysis to improve performance.

Course Content

The content from within this financial accounting course is highly practical. Along with the theory and principles, numerous examples and hands on exercises are used to build expertise in the use of the models and analysis.

This financial accounting course will over the following content:

Accrual Accounting

  • Understanding accrual accounting
  • Assets vs Expenses
  • Revenue and cost recognition.

Financial Statements

  • Reading and interpreting financial statements.
  • Understanding the language of accounting.
  • Communicating with accountants to tell them what you want.

Financial Analysis

  • Financial analysis: how is the organisation running?
  • Detecting warning signs.
  • Using Du Pont framework to improve returns.

Intended Audience

This financial accounting course is suitable for aspiring and progressing executive who do not have an accounting background that will gain the skills needed to be a competent senior manager. This financial accounting course has been designed for professionals from diverse sectors, including public and private enterprise executives who are looking to better understand and improve the financial performance of their operations.

Delivery Style

This financial accounting course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of a instructor led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to work through concepts introduced by the instructor in an application-focused teaching environment. You will challenge your understanding of the concepts and consider their application once back in your individual workplace.

You will also have the opportunity to complete some self-paced, pre-work to ensure that you are at the same minimum starting level as the other participants attending this financial accounting course. The pre-work consists of Word files and PowerPoint slideshows that are provided to you electronically within your registration confirmation and course reminder communication.

Course Prerequisites

This financial accounting course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.

If you already have knowledge of accounting concepts such as accrual accounting, income statement, assets or expenses, you do not need to attend this course but may be interested in our Management Accounting Course: Managing a Business Unit or Department.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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