Customer Service Skills Course

Customer Service Skills Course

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This Customer Service Skills course is designed to provide you with the service skills required to ensure that your customers receive the level of service expected in a competitive marketplace. In today’s Global business world, the customer is still the most important factor affecting the success of a business and customer service plays a pivotal role in acquiring and maintaining new customers. Customers decide what, when and how to buy and the customer service they receive during the purchase process is vitally important to the long term success of any business. Those involved in the service industry must have the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to give to the discerning customer what they expect, whether service is delivered face-to-face, over the phone or online.

Make excellent customer service part of your business strategy: Your competitor is only one mouse-click away and great service may be your one advantage.

Learning Aims

This Customer Service Skills course aims to equip you with a clear understanding of what quality customer service is and what it is not. This Customer Service course will provide you with an appreciation of the importance that human factors play in quality customer service. It aims to give you knowledge of the components of customer service and show how this knowledge can assist you in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this customer service skills course you will understand:

  1. The key components of customer service.
  2. What constitutes quality customer service.
  3. What is meant when we talk about customer’s needs, wants and expectations and how to meet them.
  4. What is meant by the term ‘moments of truth’ for your business are and how to manage these moments to your business advantage.
  5. The importance of demonstrating effective communication.
  6. How to build rapport with customers: the importance of body language and communication.

Course Content

This Customer Service Skills course will cover the following content:

Introduction to Customer Service

Understanding what constitutes Customer Service

  • Defining Customer Service
  • Customer needs, wants and expectations.
  • Understanding your customers and their perceptions.
  • Key elements to delivering excellent customer service.
  • Understanding the impacts resulting from poor customer service.

Determining customer requirements

  • Understand why your customers buy goods or services from you.
  • Establishing customer expectations and building rapport.
  • Applying the Six Gap Model to improve organisational customer service.

Strategies to consider to improve customer service

  • First impressions.
  • Moments of truth.
  • Response skills.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Product knowledge.
  • Problem solving.
  • Conflict management and Negotiation skills.
  • Last impressions.
  • Professionalism.

Customer service and performance standards

  • When is 99% good enough
  • What constitutes 'Best Practice'

Intended Audience

This customer service skills course has been designed for those in, or interested in commencing, service roles with internal or external customers. The course is suitable for business owners, customer support staff or any position where excellent customer service is an essential ingredient. This customer service course is also suitable for those who are new to a leadership role, in teams where customer service is a key focus.

Delivery Style

This customer service skills course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to work through concepts introduced by the instructor in an application-focused teaching environment. You will challenge your understanding of the concepts and consider their application once back in your individual workplace.

Course Prerequisites

This customer service skills course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.



Available for alumni, concession cardholders, seniors, staff and students.

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