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Chemistry Course: Brewing Science

Chemistry Course: Brewing Science

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Chemistry courses in Sydney. Open to the general public.

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Brewing and judging great beers involves both art and science. An understanding of the nuances of production, storage and flavours of beer can be aided by a working knowledge of the chemical processes involved. This chemistry course aims to acquaint you with some important concepts of biochemistry as they relate to craft beer and brewing. This chemistry course provides real-world applications of biochemistry and provides an understanding of the processes taking place in fermentation. Beginning with the chemical basis for different beer flavour profiles, through the biochemistry of malting and extracting fermentable sugars from grain, to the chemical reactions occurring in the kettle and the fermenter to produce these flavour compounds.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this chemistry course your will:

  1. Identify the components responsible for key flavour profiles in beer.
  2. Understand the chemical differences between different styles of beer.
  3. Understand some of the non-flavour characteristics of different beers (e.g. shelf-life).

Course Content

This chemistry course will cover the following content:

Water Chemistry

  • Important ions and salts in brewing water
  • Regional variations in water and their effects on beer styles

Macromolecules in Beer

  • Carbohydrates (complex and simple)
  • Proteins and amino acids
  • Lipids

Enzyme-driven reactions

  • Fundamentals of enzymes
  • Breakdown of complex carbohydrates
  • Breakdown of proteins

Temperature-dependent reactions

  • Temperature and solubility
  • Maillard Reactions
  • Boiling

REDOX reactions

  • Beer storage and staling


Intended Audience

This chemistry course is designed for anyone interest in beer or brewing and science. This chemistry course is ideal for home-brewers or commercial brewers who wish to expand on their knowledge of the chemistry of brewing and the chemical basis of beer flavouring profiles.

Delivery Style

This chemistry course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor lead lecture, group and activities.

Course Prerequisites

This chemistry course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public. It is preferable that participants have a basic (high school equivalent) understanding of biology and chemistry.

Recommended Reading

Fix, George, 2 edition (15 November 1999) Principles of Brewing Science: A Study of Serious Brewing Issues, Brewers Publications

Course Materials

Participants attending this chemistry course will be provided with a course workbook for them to take home. All materials required for in-class activities will be provided as needed.

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