Beekeeping Course

Beekeeping Course

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How much honey do you get from a beehive? Discover the many rewards of beekeeping with our beekeeping course. Find out how to harvest honey, the equipment needed and how to manage a hive, while the bees do most of the work for you. Learn how to render wax and make candles, soap and cosmetic creams. Honey tasting and comprehensive notes are provided.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this beekeeping course you should be able to:

  • Recognise different methods of beekeeping.
  • Locate and manage a beehive successfully.
  • Observe beekeeping regulations.
  • Harvest honey and render wax.
  • Describe various honey and wax products.
  • Identify various bee pests and diseases.

Course Content

The following content will be covered in this beekeeping course:

Introduction: Reasons for Beekeeping

  • Honey
  • Wax
  • Pollination
  • Others


  • History
  • Components
  • Quantity


  • Eyesight
  • Sense of smell
  • Distance travelled
  • Preferred weather conditions

Vegetation: Honey Flora

  • Types
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Colour


  • Biosecurity Act
  • Government Regulations

Importance of Bees

  • Pollination
  • Economy – export

Bee Acquisition

  • Suppliers
  • Equipment
  • Developments

Bee Lifecycles and Tasks

  • Queen
  • Worker
  • Drone


  • Prevention
  • Capture

Beehive Location & Management

  • Position
  • Annual program

Honey Harvest: Demonstration

  • Frames
  • Extractor
  • Storage

Beehive Products

  • Propolis
  • Royal jelly
  • Potentiated pollen

Bee Health

  • Environment
  • Pests
  • Diseases

Wax Render: Demonstration

Wax Products – Recipes

  • Candles
  • Soap
  • Lip balm
  • Furniture polish


  • Langstroth hive
  • Flow hive
  • Top-bar hive
  • Warre hive
  • AZ hive

Australian Native Bees

  • Types
  • Acquisition
  • Hive location/management
  • Uses
  • Honey


  • Course review

Intended Audience

This beekeeping course would appeal to anyone interested in learning about the many benefits of beekeeping.

Delivery Style

This beekeeping course is conducted in an interactive classroom environment. All aspects of beekeeping are discussed; equipment is demonstrated; honey is presented for tasting and comprehensive course notes are provided.

About the instructor

Judith Sleijpen graduated from Ryde School of Horticulture with distinction in Urban Horticulture and gained experience in the retail nursery industry for several years.

As a Member of the Horticultural Media Association, Judith writes a monthly gardening column for Peninsula Living and Northshore Living. She has also published articles in Landscape Contractor and Manager, Better Homes and Gardens, Gardens and Outdoor Living and The Garden Gurus.

Passionate about garden design, plants and bees, Judith is a Member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, a former member of the Sydney Executive Committee of Open Gardens Australia and the Speakers' Bureau of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Judith now conducts her garden design and horticultural consultancy business, Gardens, Balconies and Beyond.

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