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Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

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Adobe Illustrator courses in Sydney. The art of digital illustration.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics app that lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile. Millions of designers and artists use Adobe Illustrator to create everything from web icons and product packaging to book illustrations and billboards. Learn Adobe Illustrator with Adobe Illustrator courses in Sydney at NEWCourse – created for you by the University of Newcastle.

For three decades Adobe Illustrator has allowed creative minds to shape, colour, and add texture to our world. It is reported that more than six million images are created in Adobe Illustrator every day. From logos and icons to graphics on coffee cups and digital displays, this vector graphics application continues to lead the industry.

The skills and knowledge acquired in Adobe Illustrator course are sufficient to be able to perform basic tasks in Illustrator such as setting up a document, creating basic shapes and working with text before attempting more advanced features covered in Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 2.

This Adobe Premiere Pro training course is delivered by an Adobe Certified Trainer.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this Adobe Illustrator training course you should be able to:

  1. Understand the Illustrator workspace.
  2. Understand how to navigate Illustrator.
  3. Select and work with objects.
  4. Set up new documents in Illustrator.
  5. Work with artboards, grids, guides and rulers.
  6. Arrange objects and use layers to manage artwork.
  7. Draw basic shapes using the shape tools.
  8. Understand colour and apply colour to object fills and strokes.
  9. Understand how to apply and edit gradients.
  10. Import, create and format type.
  11. Work with text and objects.
  12. Understand what the Pen tool is and how to use it.
  13. Understand how to save and export in a variety of file formats to suit different purposes, and how to print an Illustrator document.
  14. Use the Help menu and access online help resources.

Course Content

This Adobe Illustrator training course will cover the following content:

Starting With Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding Vector Graphics.
  • Starting Illustrator in Windows.
  • The Welcome Experience.
  • Opening an Illustrator Document.
  • The Illustrator Workspace.
  • The Status Bar.
  • Understanding Artboards.
  • Closing a Document and Exiting Illustrator.
  • Understanding Panels
  • Displaying and Hiding Panels
  • Floating and Docking Panels
  • Understanding the Tools Panel
  • Working With the Tools Panel
  • Understanding Workspaces
  • Working With Workspaces
  • Working With the Control Panel
  • Navigating With the Hand Tool
  • Navigating With the Navigation Panel
  • Changing Document Views
  • Using the Zoom Tool
  • Creating and Using Custom Views

Setting Up a New Adobe Illustrator Document

  • Understanding Templates.
  • Understanding Document Presets.
  • Adjusting Units of Measure.
  • Creating a Document.
  • Saving a New Document.

Working With an Adobe Illustrator Document

  • Understanding Artboard Options.
  • Moving and Resizing Artboards.
  • Creating and Deleting Artboards.
  • Understanding Grids, Guides and Rulers.
  • Displaying and Hiding Rulers.
  • Making Guides.
  • Locking, Unlocking and Clearing Guides.
  • Viewing and Hiding the Grid.

Adobe Illustrator Layers

  • Understanding Layers and Sublayers.
  • Understanding the Layers Panel.
  • Working With the Layers Panel.
  • Creating Layers and Sublayers.
  • Naming Layers and Assigning Colours.
  • Grouping Layers.
  • Reassigning Objects to Different Layers.
  • Rearranging Layers.
  • Hiding and Displaying Layers.
  • Locking and Unlocking Layers.
  • Deleting Layers.

Adobe Illustrator Shapes

  • Understanding the Shape and Colour Tools.
  • Preparing the Workspace.
  • Creating Basic Shapes.
  • Creating Polygons.
  • Creating Other Shapes.
  • Creating Lines and Spirals.
  • Editing Path Segments.
  • Using Offset Path.
  • Understanding Drawing Modes.

Colour, Fill and Stroke in Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding Fill and Stroke.
  • Understanding Colour.
  • Understanding Colour Controls.
  • Applying Colour Using the Colour Panel.
  • Applying Colour Using the Swatches Panel.
  • Applying Colour Using the Eyedropper Tool.
  • Swapping Fill and Stroke Colours.
  • Working With Stroke Weight.
  • Working With Stroke Width.
  • Applying Dashes to Strokes.

Adobe Illustrator Gradients

  • Understanding Gradients.
  • Applying a Linear Gradient.
  • Changing the Direction of a Gradient.
  • Changing Colours in a Gradient.
  • Adding Colours to a Gradient.
  • Applying a Radial Gradient.
  • Saving a Gradient.
  • Applying Gradients to Strokes.

Working With Type in Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding Type in Illustrator.
  • Understanding Formatting Options.
  • Inserting and Formatting Point Type.
  • Inserting and Formatting Area Type.
  • Importing Text.
  • Threading Text.
  • Cutting and Pasting Text.
  • Formatting Text.
  • Formatting Paragraphs.
  • Copying Formatting With the Eyedropper Tool.
  • Creating Columns of Text.

Text and Objects in Adobe Illustrator

  • Wrapping Text Around an Object.
  • Typing on a Path.
  • Working With Options for Path Type.
  • Transforming Path Type Objects.
  • Converting Text Into Editable Paths.
  • Working With Character Objects.
  • The Touch Type Tool.
  • Styles.

Introduction to Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding Drawing in Illustrator.
  • Drawing a Straight Path With the Pen Tool.
  • Drawing Closed Paths With the Pen tool.
  • Draw Curved Paths With the Pen Tool.
  • Drawing Objects With Curved Paths.
  • Adjusting Curves Created by the Pen Tool.
  • Drawing Paths With the Curvature Tool.
  • Drawing Paths With the Pencil Tool.
  • Add Fill to Closed Paths.

Adobe Illustrator Saving and Printing

  • Understanding Save and Export Options.
  • Understanding File Formats.
  • Exporting an Illustrator Document.
  • Saving for a Microsoft Office Program.
  • Saving as a PDF File.
  • Saving an Illustrator Document for the Web.
  • Printing an Illustrator Document.
  • Packaging a Document.

Getting Help in Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding the Help Menu.
  • Using Help.
  • Searching for Online Help.

Intended Audience

This Adobe Illustrator training course provides a comprehensive and thorough coverage of using Illustrator and requires little or no prior knowledge of the Illustrator software package. This Adobe Illustrator course is ideal for new or existing Illustrator users seeking to learn Illustrator tasks outlined in the course content.

Delivery Style

This Adobe Illustrator course is presented as a practical, instructor-led computer-based training course in an Adobe CC environment. In this Adobe Illustrator course you’ll have dedicated access to a computer exclusively for your use so you can follow instructor training and work through examples in an application-focused teaching environment.

Course Prerequisites

This Adobe Illustrator course assumes little or no knowledge of Illustrator. You should be familiar with the basic functions of a computer operating system such as navigating the environment using a mouse and keyboard, starting applications, copying and pasting objects, formatting text, creating folders, opening files, saving files, familiarity with the accessing the Internet and use of common web browsers. If you do not have these skills, we recommend attending the Basic Computer Skills Course before attempting this course.

    Free repeat course (conditions apply)

    Free USB Flash drive

    Face to face with expert trainers

    Dedicated computer for every student

    Small class sizes

    Course materials – yours to keep

    Certificate of completion


Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1
Sydney CBD (Venue TBA)
$595 GST free
$595 GST free
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5 places remaining
Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1
Sydney CBD (Venue TBA)
$595 GST free
$595 GST free
Enrol Now
5 places remaining
Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1
Sydney CBD (Venue TBA)
$595 GST free
$595 GST free
Enrol Now
5 places remaining

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